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Fat Boys Launch Pad

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Size: 25ft & 33ft launch pads



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Fat Boys
Water Launch Pad

Fat Boys Water Launch Pads Are A Game-Changer!

No More Picking On The Fat Kid.

Massive 75ft Launch Pad!

IGoBig Stuntmen were launched a record-breaking 75ft ( 23.5m) into the air to raise money for schools destroyed by Oklahoma tornadoes in 2013.

The amazing performance of the Fat Boys Launch Pad was a key factor in IGoBig stuntmen earning home page recognition from news stations including: CNN, The Huffington Post, MSN! Uk, and Yahoo News.


*CNN is in no way associated with Fat Boys. All content stated is property of CNN. This video can be found on Youtube.

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An Engineering Feat. Pure Genius

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Fat Boys Water Launch Pad

A Big Bad Wolf Among Little Piggies.

Bottom line is that we go the extra mile to ensure that at the end of the day, we’ve made it memorable.

Our Fat Boys team takes the weight off your shoulders; we will hold up under quality and safety regulations. We will continue to test and retest our products with the newest, innovative technology and design, bringing enjoyment to you over and over again.

Fat Boys Launch Pad

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The man that flies! Nick is launched 75ft from a Fat Boys Launch Pad. Watch his head cam and testimonial here!

Grayson and Cheyenne

The boys who launched Nick 75ft for the world height record share their testimonial about bing with Fat Boys.

Red Area Encourages Forward Launches

Know where to safely sit by our color-code sections. Siting well into the red will assist in creating forward momentum for the launcher, safely sending him into the waler and not backwards. White tick marks help you judge between more distance or more height in your launch

No Joke.

The Butt Of This Launch Pad Is Big!!!

The base is 3.5m (11.5ft) wide, eliminating the fear of jumping and missing the target.
The 1m black target allow for precise aim when jumping onto the launch pad.
Trust us, from a 20ft cliff, You’ll be thanking Fats Boys for the Black dot.